How to Incorporate Student Data into Your Higher Education Marketing Strategy

Finding new and creative ways to market your college or university can be challenging, especially if you’re working within a rather restrictive budget. The good news is, there is a valuable resource already available to you that won’t cost much, if anything, to leverage. We’re talking about tapping into your existing students as well as alumni and incorporating their data into your marketing strategy. Here’s how. (more…)

Using Social Media to Engage Alumni

One of the most valuable resources for colleges and universities today is the former students that share an affinity for their alma mater. Alumni can do many things for a school, including word of mouth marketing and, of course, fundraising. In order to keep former graduates involved and connected to your school, you must find a way to engage them. Social media is a powerful and easy way to do just that. Let’s look at some examples. (more&h


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