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Instagram Tips for Higher Education Providers

You may be surprised to know that 73% of today’s college students believe higher education institutions should have social media profiles. As a college or university, one of the most popular platforms amongst your target audience is Instagram, a photo-sharing social network where users can connect and post photos using various filters. Users can also engage with one another by liking and/or commenting on the images shared by others. So how can

Top 5 Higher Education Social Media Mistakes

In today’s social age, being active on sites like Twitter and Facebook isn’t something your higher education institution can afford not to do. Simply put, these social networks are where your target audience is spending most of its time. If you’re not meeting them there, you’re missing the mark and losing revenue as a result. Yet, simply setting up your profiles and sending out a few updates now and then won’t necessarily get you the re

Establishing a Higher Education Social Media Strategy

Like it or not, social media has become an integral part of our lives. It’s also changing the way students interact with higher education providers. Studies show that the majority of prospective students now use social media as part of their college assessment process. What does this mean for your institution? Well, it means that if you’re not placing enough emphasis on developing and implementing a social media strategy, your school is going

Promoting Your Higher Education Content

Many content managers and higher education admins make the mistake of thinking that content management is simply about placing copy on a website and writing the occasional blog post. While this is certainly a good place to start, the next step is finding ways to attract traffic to that website or blog. To follow are just a few ways that you can promote your content and get it noticed by more prospects. (more…)

How to Incorporate Student Data into Your Higher Education Marketing Strategy

Finding new and creative ways to market your college or university can be challenging, especially if you’re working within a rather restrictive budget. The good news is, there is a valuable resource already available to you that won’t cost much, if anything, to leverage. We’re talking about tapping into your existing students as well as alumni and incorporating their data into your marketing strategy. Here’s how. (more…)

Using Social Media to Engage Alumni

One of the most valuable resources for colleges and universities today is the former students that share an affinity for their alma mater. Alumni can do many things for a school, including word of mouth marketing and, of course, fundraising. In order to keep former graduates involved and connected to your school, you must find a way to engage them. Social media is a powerful and easy way to do just that. Let’s look at some examples. (more&h

Top Higher Education Trends to Watch for In 2015

We are well into the fifth month of 2015 and we’re already seeing some interesting forecasts come to fruition in the higher education field. The good news is, there’s still plenty of time to prepare for some of these changes and trends as they continue to unfold over the coming months. That said, let’s take a look at some of these top happenings and what they mean for those in higher education careers. (more…)

8 Twitter Tips for Education Providers

These days more and more prospective students are turning to the web, specifically social media channels, to research, compare and choose their higher education providers. Likewise, alumni and other supporters enjoy staying connected with their associated institutions via these social platforms. That being said, if you’re not leveraging SMM for your school, you’re most certainly missing out. If you’d like to facilitate more social engagemen


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