Using Your Content Management System to Maintain Higher Education Brand Consistency

BrandWhen it comes to content management in the higher education field, one of the biggest challenges lies in maintaining the same level of brand consistency across the board. This is especially true for larger institutions with many individual subsites. Ensuring that all microsites are compliant can become a heavy burden to the Central Communications department. It can also cost the university time and money that could be better spent elsewhere, such as on marketing for further growth. The good news is, with the right content management system, this doesn’t have to be a problem any longer. Learn how below.

The Challenges

For most higher education institutions, each division or department has their own subsite that branches off from the main website. For smaller colleges, this may not be too difficult to manage. Larger universities, on the other hand, may have thousands of sites, each of which is managed and maintained by the individual department or other subset. Ensuring that logistics, such as logo size and placement as well as color scheme remain consistent across all of these sites can become a mammoth task.

What’s more, schools often go through rebranding exercises around every 3-5 years as new markets emerge or new leadership comes into office. Making the necessary changes across upwards of 3,000 separate subsites can take weeks or months and impact expenditure tremendously.

The Solution

With a CMS that has been specifically developed to support the unique needs of the higher education industry, this entire process can be completely streamlined and significantly shortened. Central Communications can determine what guidelines are acceptable, typically incorporating multiple options for each area so that subsites can still be somewhat customized. For instance, three or four color schemes as well as various logo options can be rolled out and incorporated into the content management system platform.

Once the guidelines have been put in place, each department can then log into the CMS dashboard where they can view and select from the available options. This ensures that every site within the university system is consistent across the board. Not only does this save a tremendous amount of time and effort, but it can also save the institution hundreds of thousands of dollars.

How Does Your School Measure Up?

Does your Central Communications department struggle with the headache of monitoring and managing brand consistency? Do department heads and other designated content managers find it challenging to remain compliant and follow the overarching guidelines on each of their subsites? Don’t waste any more time and money maintaining your university’s web presence. Request a demo and see how AcademicsWeb CMS can revolutionize the way your school achieves and maintains online uniformity.

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