Top Higher Education Trends to Watch for In 2015

TrendsWe are well into the fifth month of 2015 and we’re already seeing some interesting forecasts come to fruition in the higher education field. The good news is, there’s still plenty of time to prepare for some of these changes and trends as they continue to unfold over the coming months. That said, let’s take a look at some of these top happenings and what they mean for those in higher education careers.

Shift Toward Social – Generation Z has the distinct honor of being raised in a completely digital age. To this generation, as well as Millennials, social media isn’t the exception, but rather it’s the norm. That means higher education institutions must find a way to reach these students where they are. As such, social media should be a focal point of any larger marketing initiative. Social networking will also be the key to engaging current students and keeping alumni tuned in.

Rise of Mobile – Google recently rolled out some pretty significant changes to its algorithm which are directly related to the mobile-friendliness of websites. The fact is, 80% of adults own a smartphone, which they use as the primary resource for accessing the web. More specifically, 53% of college students own smartphones. Moving forward, only those higher education providers that invest in maintaining a mobile-friendly site and offering mobile learning options will survive.

Learning as a Collective Effort – We’ve seen plenty of finger-pointing going on regarding the preparedness (or lack thereof) of students once they reach college. Professors blame high schools for not doing enough to get the next generation ready for the challenges of college, and high school faculty shifts the blame back to the parents. As we push forward, there will need to be more of a collaborative effort in which schools of every level work together toward the shared goal of preparing future generations for higher education and their eventual careers.

Privacy is Critical – In today’s digital age, cyber-threats are at an all time high. Institutions will need to be extremely diligent about protecting the sensitive data that they are charged with safeguarding. One critical mistake could result in catastrophic consequences for the school, its staff, its students and its alumni. To combat these risks and remain one step ahead of potential security breaches, colleges must invest in the appropriate technological tools.

Embracing Diversity – The demographics of the world continue to evolve, with groups that were once considered extreme minorities rising up through the ranks to become a significant portion of society. As a result, more and more colleges and universities will be searching for ways to embrace these changes and create better opportunities for diversity within both their staff as well as student populations.

As higher education providers begin to adapt to these changes and embrace some of these trends, at AcademicsWeb, we too will continue to evolve to meet the changing demands. Our content management system is already equipped to support the social and mobile requirements schools are facing and offer a product that meets the strict security demands of today as well as the future. Does your CMS offer this? Shouldn’t it? Request a demo today.

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