5 Reasons Student Blogs Should be Part of Your Higher Ed Content Strategy

If you haven’t noticed, many high profile colleges and universities have begun hosting student blogs on their websites. There are many reasons doing this can benefit your school. In fact, provided it’s done in the right manner, hosting student blogs can really round out your higher ed marketing strategy. Let’s take a look at how below. (more…)



Jun 2015

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5 Key Components of a Successful Content Marketing Strategy

What makes a good content marketing strategy? While every industry may have its own objectives and direction, there are certain key elements that can be found within just about every successful content plan. To find out whether your higher education institution has these 5 core characteristics, consider the following list. (more…)

Writing Higher Ed Web Content People Actually Want to Read

You can allocate as high a percentage of your budget as you want to content marketing for your higher ed institution, but unless you’ve taken the appropriate measures to optimize that content, nobody’s going to read it. This process is as much about how you write as what you write about, and it’s really important. Let’s take a look at some things you can begin implementing today to start seeing improvement in your ROI. (more…)

Promoting Your Higher Education Content

Many content managers and higher education admins make the mistake of thinking that content management is simply about placing copy on a website and writing the occasional blog post. While this is certainly a good place to start, the next step is finding ways to attract traffic to that website or blog. To follow are just a few ways that you can promote your content and get it noticed by more prospects. (more…)

7 Content Ideas for Your Higher Education Website

So, you’ve invested some money into a dynamic website for your higher education institution. Unfortunately, this isn’t enough to achieve growth for your school. In fact, the website itself is really just a shell or vehicle. What drives engagement and therefore improves your school’s bottom line is the content contained within that shell or vehicle. Of course, knowing this and putting it into action are two entirely different things. That sa

4 Higher Education Content Marketing Strategies

As a higher education institution, you have three main goals in everything you do: to attract exceptional students, to recruit and retain top talent and to encourage alumni to stay involved (particularly through donations). One excellent tool for achieving all of these goals is content marketing. That’s because the internet is one of the most commonly used resources for each of these audiences. So, how can you hone your university’s content s


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